Aditya Garg


Aditya Garg

Aditya has over 25 years of IT experience and has been a test architect and principal consultant. Aditya is an Agile and DevOps coach and loves taking test automation and DevOps solutioning work. He is a ServiceNow enthusiast and loves everything about the tool.

Aditya did his Master of Business administration from UMASS Lowell and has a passion for community work. He keeps on taking training/coaching session for agile testing community. Aditya also loves curating and running conferences and meetups, he would have organized more than 12 global conferences so far.

Session Details

Topic: Launching Selenium Grid and Running tests using docker compose and maven – step by step demo

Abstract: In this presentation, Aditya will try to show how to create a selenium grid using docker compose command and then adding the necessary plugins in maven. The entire setup can be run on a remote cloud machine in a continous testing environment (using Jenkins)

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