Shweta Sharma


Shweta Sharma

Shweta is a QA professional with over twelve years of experience in agile environments. At Axelerant, she leads the entire QA team and her work responsibilities involve Onboarding new joiners, training them in the Drupal admin interface. She also plays a vital role in architecting the Test Automation on various projects at Axelerant. She believes in uplifting her colleagues and acts as a QA mentor to many. She has presented several sessions within the Drupal and Testing communities. She is also the track chair for QA Automation, CI/CD track for DrupalCon Minneapolis 2020, DrupalCamp Goa and DrupalCamp Delhi 2019 along with being a committee member of the Training proposals at DrupalCon Minneapolis 2020.

Off work, she loves going on long road trips with her family through scenic locations, sharing the beauty of the natural world with her children – in short, a freak globe trotter. She is also an extremely passionate dancer and is currently being trained on an Indian Classical dance form Kathak from January 2018.

She believes in empowering the underrepresented/unprivileged people from society and contributes to their growth in her own small way.

Session Details

Title: Overcoming the impostor to become a successful Test Automation Engineer

Test Automation needs no introduction today and still happens to be one of the most misunderstood areas in the software testing world. Unfortunately, the reason being that budding test automation enthusiasts are introduced to the concept itself incorrectly in the first place.

Test Automation was recognised at Axelerant as one of the main driving factors for embracing continuous delivery. One of the misconceptions surrounding this concept is that only technically sound people should take up this position. While this is not necessarily inaccurate, with all the progress going on for so many years, solely in this area, it is no longer an ability that can only be done by the technical team. With some very good codeless solutions available today in the market, automated testing has certainly evolved by truly considering the problem it needs to solve rather than adding to the existing set of problems.

In this talk, I’d not only be talking about the struggles of manual testers for getting started with their Test Automation journey but also well-tried and proven ways to practise and incorporate automated methods of testing for actual engagements.

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