Diana Oks


Diana Oks

Diana graduated from Technion with Bachelor’s Degrees in Physics and Material Science and Engineering. After graduation, she came across an 8-month career retraining course to become a software developer and upon completion joined the automation team in the medical division of Philips Co. Diana is currently working on her MBA, has 2 children, and a feisty American bulldog.

Session Details

Topic: A Leader’s Guide to Testing Modern Test Automation Tools

Abstract: As an automation leader, writing the correct framework is as important as the tests you write. Whether you are part of a dedicated automation team, an R&D scrum, and even as half of the automation team in a start-up (all positions that I have held), you have to commit limited team resources and endless time maintaining your framework and writing tests. Working at a startup like Vulcan Cyber, a company that helps companies remediate security vulnerabilities from their infrastructure, we have the opportunity to consider new tools all the time.

When I joined Vulcan, approximately 30 tests falsely passed our sanity checks that were neither stable or trustworthy. I was immediately tasked with identifying a solution to improve our test stability and coverage. Being on a dynamic yet lean team, it was important for me to evaluate new tools that helped our QA team automate our testing processes and reduce our code maintenance. Within two months of adopting Testim, an AI-based tool that leverages smart locators to make your tests resilient, we now have 200 tests and 6 nightly scheduled runs.

In this talk, I will discuss the hidden costs of creating a framework, and the criteria that other leaders should consider when evaluating new testing tools to reduce maintenance of code. In addition, I will share how we tested new automation tools that have helped us at Vulcan reduce cost of time, while supporting our goals for continuous delivery.

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