Anand Vyas


Anand Vyas

Anand has done his M Tech from IIT Delhi and has worked in the IT Industry for last 18 years with clients like CitiBank, Barclays, UBS, Lehman Brothers, Nordea Bank and has travelled across the Globe implementing end to end solutions for these and many other clients.

He is currently working as a coach and licensed trainer for Agile Testing Alliance. He is a licensed trainer for CPMLDS, CPDOF, CPSAT and CPWST.

He is a principal consultant helping in creating DevOps solution and mentoring and coaching teams in the area of optimized DevOps implementation.

He has architected Continuous Integration pipelines using Industry standard tools such as GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Maven, SonarQube, Artifactory etc,

He has designed single click environment builds that include post verification and automated testing using API testing tools like Postman, NewMan, Rest Assured, Unirest, Selenium (Java and Python).

He is passionate about community driven learning specially in the area of technology. Anand was a speaker and took a workshop/lab in the #ATAGTR2018 on the usage of Machine Learning and Data Science in the area of Testing.

Session Details

Topic: TestNG v/s JUnit 5

Junit 5 and TestNG are the most popular Test Frameworks for Java ecosystem. Opting out the better candidate out of the two equally competitive good solutions would be a bit difficult task until we thoroughly understand the features offered by them. Let us try to carry out comprehensive feature wise analysis of both the frameworks for their Strengths and weaknesses through examples. To name a few of the criteria used for the comparative study would be like support for Annotations, Use of Test Suites, Parallel Test Execution, Listeners and so on.

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