Unmesh Gundecha


Unmesh Gundecha

Technology focused IT professional offering vast experience leveraging Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Test Automation & DevOps methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Utilizes highly attuned analytical skills to develop IT and business strategies employing leading/cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity & efficiency and organised with a strong capacity to prioritize workload, delegation, and steer project completion with established deadlines. Experience in building and leading small to a large specialist team on critical project deliveries. Passionate about Technology, Automation, UI/UX and Design.

Author of “Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook” & “Learning Selenium WebDriver with Python” published by PacktPub. Technical Reviewer of “Appium Recipes” & “Ruby Recipes” from Apress.

Session Details

Topic: Selenium Powertools

Abstract: When you visit the Selenium website, you must have read this – Selenium automates browsers. That’s it!

Selenium is a general-purpose browser automation tool. You can use it for anything that you want to automate in a browser window. Be it testing, a bunch of repetitive tasks, scraping web sites, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Selenium has become a standard for browser automation. It’s not just testing but interesting businesses are thriving on Selenium. In this session, I will introduce you to the awesomeness of Selenium and various power tools or add-ons to make your automation stand-out with Selenium.

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