Sanjay Kumar


Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay is on a mission to make testers and developers life easy.

He has invented and created the SelectorsHub and ChroPath single handedly which is being used by more than half a million testers and developers in more than 180 countries and almost in every software company of the world.

His creation is not just being used, it also appears in the profiles of engineers from the company like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon etc.

He is carrying a total 9+ years of experience with the companies like IBM, Goibibo, UrbanLadder, InMobi and AutonomIQ. Currently he is not working for any company, he is working only for the community and working full-time on SelectorsHub.

Session Details

Topic: Misconceptions we learnt due lack of innovations!!

Outline/Structure of the Session:
Learn the misconceptions which we lived due to lack of innovations
Learn about the innovations which made many impossible things possible

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn misconceptions which we lived due to lack of innovations.
Attendees will learn how these new innovations solved their daily problems.
Attendees will be saving at least 60-70% time which is spent today in writing automation script.

Target Audience

All UI automation testers and web developers.

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